5 Best Corded Drills

You will need power tools when you decide to make improvements around the house yourself. A drill is necessary in helping you drill holes, mix components, and drive screws. Buying a wrong drill will waste your money and ruin your work.

How do you know the type of drill to buy? For you to acquire a functional drill that will actually drill precise holes, ask yourself two questions. Will I use the drill at home or professionally? How frequent will I use the drill? Answers to these questions will help you decide on the perfect drill that you need. Here is a list of the 5 best corded drills you must buy for your drilling jobs.

Hitachi D10VH Reversible Driver Drill

This Hitachi D10VH drill is super easy to use. Girls can use it to hang curtains and fix other objects in their apartment easily. The D10VH reversible drill is a good choice if you use it for regular homeowner uses. Using the D10VH is simple due to its great power and speed. It actually performs better than some cordless drills and corded drills with 2000 rpm. You can drill multiple holes without pausing or slowing down. The position of the trigger lock makes it easy for you to accidentally lock the trigger. You will be inconvenienced sometimes but the Hitachi D10VH is a great corded drill.

Bosch 1006VSR Keyless Chuck Drill

The problem with cordless drills is you never have charged batteries when you need them. Bosch 1006VSR has plenty of torque that is helpful in fastening screws and drilling wood. The European pistol grip applied on the Bosch drill helps you apply sufficient pressure on your workpiece during drilling. This drill is not too heavy yet it is still sturdy to use for frequent household fixes. You will have trouble using this drill to fix tight spaces like cabinets because of its size. You will only enjoy using it in open places.

Dewalt DWE1014 Drill with Keyed Chuck

In your search for the best corded drill, you must consider the Dewalt DWE1014. The keyed chuck on the drill holds the drilling bit in place. You can lay down this drill while it is still spinning. The Dewalt drill lies down flat unlike other drills that tilt. Using this drill feels smooth in your hands. While working with it, you do not struggle with violent vibrations. One element you will hate about the DWE1014 Drill is the positioning of the chuck key holder. It is fixed on the power cord right at the drill.

Makita DS4012 Spade Handle Drill

Mixing mortar and concrete cannot be any easier than when you are using the Makita DS4012 drill. Work that 18 volt Makita drills burn out doing is a walkover for this DS4012 drill. You can vary its speed. You can slow it down for grout so that it does not suck air. This Makita drill is the best choice for mixing thinset mortar and drywall mud. It can turn a 5-gallon bucket of mortar without slowing down thanks to its great torque. When you order this drill, you will realize how easy it is to use.

Genesis GSHD1290 Corded Drill

You get plenty of power, easy variable speed settings, and almost zero smoke emission when you use the Genesis GSHD1290 corded drill. If you do mixing countable times in a year, you will find this drill to be the best corded drill in your case. You do not need expensive drills. You will find yourself using this drill on other tasks even if you bought it specifically for mixing grout because of its great performance. The Genesis drill is a cheap product and it will break down if you strain it. Another downside of this drill is the noise that it produces while working. It sounds like a drill that did not get proper lubrication.


Buying the right drill for use in your home might be a difficult decision to make. Avoid regrets of purchasing cordless drills that only frustrate you by their frequent power loss. Remember, recharging batteries takes time. Sometimes you find yourself stopping work midway because you have exhausted battery power. Unless you are working outdoors where no long cable can reach, buy a corded drill. Pick the best corded drill that suits your needs from the list we have provided for you. You will be happy when you drill the perfect holes of your choice using the best corded drill.

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