Best Impact Driver Reviews

As a dedicated constructor or a DIY professional, a cordless power drill is one of the best machines that you NEED to have in your arsenal. But as you hone your handyman skills, you will find situations where drills don’t provide sufficient torque to handle all your work perfectly. This is where an impact driver becomes very useful.

Impact drivers are not complete replacements for cordless drivers or drills, but they are designed to expand your working capabilities. They are perfect for fitting tile backer boards, screwing down plywood, building decks, and doing any other work that requires putting a bolt or long screws into hardwood.

Finding an ideal impact driver on the market today is not an easy task especially if you’ve never possessed one before. This guide features the best impact drivers that can simplify your work within a fraction of time.

#1. DEWALT DCF887B Impact Driver

The Dewalt-DCF887B is one of the best drivers on the market today and tops on the list of the most favorite products based on sales in Amazon. Its ergonomic design makes it super lightweight weighing about 2.8 lbs. and only 5.6 In. back-to-front. This makes it fit perfectly into tight places.

The tool is designed to be durable, reliable and with increased visibility. It provides a torque of 1,400 In-lbs. with variable speed triggers and no load-speed (0-1,000, 2800, 3,250). It includes three LED lights that make it suitable for use in the dark. Additionally, these lights are designed to power on automatically when you pull-the-trigger and goes off after 20 seconds of releasing-the-trigger. This ensures that you’ve some extra time to view whatever you were doing before the LED lights turn off.

Professional contractors love working with this powerful tool and you should be no exception. Go for this product if you’re looking for a tool that packs plenty of power per charge.

#2. Makita XDT131 Impact Driver

The 18 Volts Makita-XDT131 is regarded as the fastest cordless impact driver which packs a great deal of power compared to its predecessors and most other tools. It comes with a very powerful inbuilt motor that provides a maximum torque of 1,500 In-lbs.

For a great number of fastening projects, the tool comes with four power settings for speed up to 3,600 revolutions per minute. It includes a battery of 3.0 Ah which is very efficient and takes only thirty minutes to full charge. Additionally, the tool is ideal for a wide range of fastening and driving applications including fastening cabinet screws, TEK screws and deck screws, and also tightening large lag bolts.

It’s also very durable and gives you the power to handle almost all fasteners. This tool is recommended for everyday use.

#3. Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 Impact Driver

This machine is lightweight weighing only 2.6 lbs. and provides a greater power-to-size-ratio compared to other products in its category. In addition, it contains a brushless motor which delivers plenty of power of up to 2,750 revolutions per minute, 3,450 impacts per minute, and 1,500 inch-pounds of torque.

It includes LED lighting and a REDLINK technology both of which keeps your work well illuminated and more efficient. The M-18 batteries that come with it ensure that power is delivered within the tool efficiently reducing the likelihood of overheating.

The hand-grip is designed perfectly to make sure that the tool fits into your hand perfectly even in very slippery situations. No matter the size of the project, this tool will do all your work with very little time and effort.

#4. PORTER-CABLE PCCK647LB Impact Driver

This tool is perfect for a wide range of fastening applications and comes with a brushless motor that offers a runtime of more than fifty percent compared to the brushed models. It provides a maximum speed of 2,900 revolutions per minute and a torque of up to 1,400 inch-pounds.

It weighs about 3.0 lbs. making it perfect for outdoor applications and when working on a top building standing on a ladder. Its ergonomic design makes it easier to hold with hand and its fourteen percent shorter in length compared to its predecessors.

It includes two 1.5 Ah long-lasting battery (20 V) and a charger. In addition, it offers a warranty of one year. The tool is recommended especially if you are looking for an impact driver that is powerful and budget-friendly.

#5. Ryobi One Plus P236 Impact Driver

This driver is created with one purpose in mind: speed and efficiency. It can handle most driving and fastening jobs with ease and within a fraction time. Even though it costs very little as compared to the above products, it provides more torque and speed than the DEWALT-DCF887B Impact Driver.

In addition, it’s run with very powerful Li-Ion batteries (18 V) that support the operating performance of this tool. Moreover, it features a LED light illumination, a magnetic bit holder, comfortable hand-grip, and a screw holder. It also comes with a warranty of three years.

This tool is ideal for you if you intend to use it intermittently or if you’ve never possessed an impact driver before.


Since you’ll be spending a good deal of cash on these tools, you’ll need to consider several factors when purchasing one of the best products on the market. When buying a driver that is ideal for your work, you first need to consider its size. A good drive will have a size that will accept all your accessories – it’s usually ¼ - inch hexagonal type impact driver.

The second factor is IPM. This is the number of times (impacts per minute) it takes for the hammer in one minute to strike the drive. Consider getting an impact driver that comes with more IPM and no-load speed and RPM.

Finally, consider purchasing an impact driver with a perfect torque (rotational force measure) since this is what’ll determine the power of the equipment. A good tool will provide enough power in order to operate on all fastening and driving applications faster and easier.

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