Best Paint for Wood Furniture

Paint can transform your old furniture to look like a brand new one. Fortunately, there are a lot of paints on the market today that suits your desired appearance. Choosing from completely matte to high-quality shine gloss, furniture painting can never NOT be exciting with these products.

Paint has a variety of colours to choose from. It allows you to improve the appearance of your furniture without overspending money. There are different types of furniture paint that you can choose from and it depends on what appearance are you in for. If you are looking for the right one, the best paint for wood furniture can be seen below.

Kedudes Chalkboard Paint kit

Made in the USA, Kedudes chalkboard paint kit comes with quality black paint which includes three foam brushes. It allows you to create a chalkboard surface on your furniture including doors, drawers, and any other wood furniture.

The product package contains 8oz of chalkboard paint. You don’t have to worry about your family’s safety upon using this paint for it is water-based and toxic-free.

You can paint it in any types of wood with such a great result. This chalkboard paint is also an ideal paint if you want to decorate your furniture. It is not only advisable for wood painting, but also for jar labelling, and menu board.

KILZ 00003704 Interior Chalk Style

Kilz interior chalk style is categorized as an ultra-matte paint specially made small furniture. This paint is applicable to any kinds of a surface which can guarantee great results.

The paint itself gives a covering satisfaction because of its rich - thick texture. It is an excellent choice if you want to completely hide different types of wood surface.

This product weighs 3.28Lbs with a dimension of approximately 4.4x4.4 inches. Comes with Cameo Coral colour and its material is made from latex. Kilz chalk paint can cover almost 100 sq. feet per quart.

The product’s shipment is not available in any other countries. It can only accommodate clients within the US.

General Finishes QLB Water Based Milk Paint

QLB water based milk paint is not literally a milk paint but it is the newest version of world paint which contains strong minerals which have the ability to adapt UV. It can be used indoors or outdoors and ideal paint for cabinets and furniture.

This paint is hassle-free. You can either apply it by hand or you can use it together with a spray. It is water-based, so it is easy for you to clean it up.

The product is lightweight with only 2.7 pounds. In addition, milk paints are environment-friendly, non- toxic, and versatile. It contains oils that allow you to paint exactly what you desire. Aside from wood furniture, it is also an ideal paint for floors and many other surfaces.

FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Furniture & Craft Paint

FolkArt home décor chalk allows you to create a superior matte chalk finish. It can transform your furniture into a unique yet classy treasure.

It works on many surfaces which include metal, ceramic, terracotta, canvas, and most especially wood. This paint is also very convenient and it doesn’t need to be prepared. It is fast action and dries within minutes. It can also be layered to give your project a more elegant feel.

This ultra-matte chalk can be applied easily on furniture, cabinet, decorative glass, metal, and walls. It is easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to maintain. The product is water based so it is non-toxic and easy to clean. And like other paint products, it is also made and manufactured from the US.

Renaissance Chalk Furniture & Cabinet Paint

Renaissance chalk furniture paint is specially made for your family and for the environment. It contains organic compounds and has zero emission. It is easy to apply, easy to use, and it is 100% acrylic that allows you to have a chalky-smooth finish with excellent coating ability that hides an area efficiently.

It is an ideal paint that covers all kinds of feels, from high-gloss contemporary to a vintage look. Renaissance is an ideal paint for wood furniture, plasters, wallboard, metal, glasses, interior masonry, and cabinet.

This chalk paint requires no preparation. Just clean up the surface and you can start your painting job without worrying that much. It is also hypoallergenic and odourless. This product, like other chalk paint, is proudly made in the USA.


In choosing the best paint for wood furniture, you must first consider the following things; how does looks and how does it feel. It is also very important to seek advice from wood furniture manufacturers about the paint that they are using for their products.

If you are a budget decorator, it is practical to buy paints on sale, however, in choosing a proper paint, the price is not an issue anymore. You don’t have to compromise the quality of your project for your client. Of course, all expenses can be covered later on. What is important is the quality.

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