5 Best Welding Helmets On The Market Today

A welding helmet protects the face, neck, head and basically everything located above the shoulder.

Over time Welding helmets have evolved into easier to use ones and with more specifications. There are two main types of lenses for welding helmets, auto darkening lens and standard lens.

The auto darkening lens have more features and ultra violet and infrared coatings. These can be used for different activities and not just welding. It protects from the sun and the welding sparks by automatically darkening to just the right tint to reduce the pressure and with time it goes back to its normal shade.

5. Instapark ADF Series GX-350S

This helmet is solar powered, it comes with a pair of safety googles and a pair of industrial gloves that are all designed to keep the wearer safe from injury during welding. The Product also comes with an inbuilt battery.

This product was designed to automatically change from light to dark within nano seconds depending on the helmet sensing an arc. It has a padded inside that makes for comfortable wearing, it is also very easy to put on and light so it doesn’t put to much pressure on the head. It is UV and IR protected and has a viewing size of 3 1/2 × 1 3/8.

4. Jackson Safety SmarTIGer W40

This product has a wide viewing lens which makes it very easy for the wearer to see what they’re doing and manoeuvre effectively. It comes with an auto darkening lens that is estimated to have between 9-13 variable shades. It also has the option of choosing between the grinding or welding mode.

If comes with four sensors which easily detect when its lights need to be dimmed and this is done in fraction of seconds. It’s auto darkening filter reduces the stress of having to darken it oneself, the product does it automatically. Lastly, it is very affordable, anyone can easily place an order on Amazon and it will be shipped directly to their doorstep.

3. Jackson Safety BH3 W70

As the name indicates, this is from the same producers of number 4. The sole aim of this machine is to protect the wearers body parts and it is made more pronounced by it’s features which includes an aerodynamic option which makes it easy for it to easily deflect fumes.

It is powered by solar energy and therefore takes away the concerns associated with battery change, it also comes with a 5 year warranty from the company. It can be easily worn over the head and can be adjusted to accommodate various head sizes. It comes with 3 different head sizes specifications so it can be worn on any head size.

The lenses are tinted blue to increase colour recognition for the wearer. It only goes dark when the wearer directly lifts his head to the sun to protect from ultra violet rays.

2. Antra AH6-260-0000

It comes in various sides and protects you from any welding complications or harm. This product has been designed and tested to protect wearers from various Welding harm. It can be used for even more complicated Welding tasks like grinding and or plasma cutting. It has been designed to protect the wearer from pretty much any iron or Welding related hazard. The Product responds to light within nanoseconds which so far is one of the most impressive. The lens is also quite wide which makes for easy viewing of any activity, also it is compatible with pretty much any kind of google or magnifying glass.

1. Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350

This has been rated so far as the best welding helmet. It is highly comfortable and durable. The helmet was tested and rated almost a 100% in eye clarity, it has extremely clear vision and diffuses light very easily, the screen size is very wide making for comfortability and wide vision while working. You don’t have to strain your vision to use this helmet

Its weight is not a problem because it comes with a highly adjustable headgear which can be easily used by the wearer. It comes in different sizes and Sykes depending on the customers preference. Although it is electric, it is quite easy to manage


These are the 5 best welding helmets that are available on the market today. The product features make it obvious why they have been chosen as the best, they breed comfort while at the same time protecting all the parts of the face of each user from any harm or hazard that might arise as a result of Welding activities

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