Top 5 Best Cordless Drill

In the past driving in screws or drilling holes was mainly done via hand held tools, something that consumed a great deal of time and energy. Nowadays, most people use power drills to simplify such work using very little effort and within a short span of time.

In the power drill family, there exists a unique and very powerful type of drill that even today reigns supreme due to its enormous benefits compared to the plugin drills. This drill, referred to as the cordless drill, can be carried anywhere (no external portable-generator required) and can be used to perform any task since its “cordless”.

So whether you’re drilling holes or driving screws around your home or construction areas, a cordless drill is the tool you need since it offers enough flexibility and power to get all your tasks done on time.

#1. Makita XFD10R Cordless Drill

This cordless drill is very powerful compared to many others of its kind. It delivers outstanding performance and power which lets you handle driving, hammering, and drilling into many different kinds of materials from wood and concrete to metallic objects.

The XFD10R-Makita cordless drill is powered by an in-built four-pole motor which provides a maximum torque of 480 in-lbs. with a speed transmission of up-to 1,900 revolutions per minute. Furthermore, it’s designed ergonomically with a comfortable hand-grip that can fit your hand perfectly. It’s durable, versatile and lightweight.

What is more amazing about this drill is that it’s equipped with 18 volts fast charging Lithium-Ion battery which gets fully charged within thirty minutes. Additionally, it comes with a cordless drill driver and a Makita Rapid-Optimum Charger.

If you’re looking for the best 18 volts cordless drill that can handle even the toughest materials, you should possibly go for this cordless drill.

#2. Dewalt DCD771C2 Cordless Drill

This compact cordless-drill comes with many different features which have the right degree of power to help you bear on both large and small projects.

It’s designed compact and lightweight with ergonomic hand-grips that provides complete control and comfort. Moreover, these features give you the ability to get around, over, up and into many places that some other drills can’t reach.

The 20 volts DCD771C2-Dewalt Cordless drill is equipped with a powerful inbuilt motor which outputs a maximum power of 300 UWO (units-watts-out). Additionally, it offers a high-speed transmission of up to 1,500 revolutions per minute to help drilling and fastening applications easier.

#3. Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18 FUEL Cordless Drill

This’s one of the best and most popular cordless-drills in the market today. It can deliver a torque of up to 650 in-lbs. making it an ideal tool for many professionals searching for the most powerful cordless-drill with a long-lasting battery.

You can use this machine to complete all your pending tasks regardless of how tough they are. Based on several tests, the product was rated 4.27 out of 5 on power, 3.77 on balance, 2.45 on weight, and 3.95 on handling. The overall rating translates to grade B. On consumer feedback it was best for professionals and for heavy and daily use.

This tool comes with a Red-Lithium battery technology which offers great performance when working on any task. This battery performs more work-per-charge and work-over-pack-life than any other on the market.

The product is recommended for you if you wish to work with the most powerful cordless drill on the modern market.

#4. Bosch 18V DDB181 Cordless Drill

This features a very long battery life, reliability, and a lot of strength to bear all kinds of tasks around your home or construction sites. Additionally, it’s made with an elegant design which makes it good for use in many outdoor projects.

Handling this equipment is easier since it’s more compact and lightweight when compared to some other products of its kind. Moreover, working with it requires little effort during the hardest effect on driving screws and drilling applications.

It offers an optimized torque of 350 lbs. with a speed transmission of 1,300 revolutions per minute. This provides powerful fastening and efficient and fast power drilling.

This makes this tools perfect for “carry to any work site” and also for common screw driving and drilling activities.

#5. Rockwell RK2852K2 Cordless Drill

This’s the fastest cordless drill on the modern market with up to 2,000 revolutions per minute. It features a design that’s ergonomic and good for any screw driving and drilling application.

Depending on the project you’re working on, you can set the speed rating for either drilling holes (high-speed setting) or screw driving (low-speed setting). These two settings will prevent the drill from damaging the matter you’ll be working on.

It comes with an impressive torque of 531 in-lbs. This makes it very powerful for drilling faster and better, completing tasks on time and with little effort. It’s also equipped with two powerful and lightweight batteries which you can charge one while using the other.


If you wish to purchase the best cordless drills on the market, you need to consider several factors such as power, weight, battery types/chargers, and size.

An ideal cordless-drill should have a high-voltage for performing both heavy and light tasks, lightweight and compact, high technology batteries, and the size that you require.

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