Top 5 Carpet Cleaners for Pets

As rewarding as having pets is, there’s no denying that they are messy! Heading downstairs for your morning coffee to discover mountains of cat hair or that your puppy has had a little night time accident is no one’s idea of a good start to the day, and when it comes to pet mess on your carpet, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Luckily, there’s a huge range of cleaners specifically designed to rid your carpet of pet spots, stains and hair, no matter what your budget. Here’s my take on the best carpet cleaner for pet stains.

Bissell Turboclean-Powerbrush Carpet-Cleaner

The Bissell Turboclean-Powerbrush has lightweight feel, is easy to use, and it’s powerful. At just 12lbs, this vacuum is weaves in and around furniture with ease. It boasts a 4-Row rotating dirt lifter power brush, combined with powerful suction to loosen and scoop up dirt and pet hair.

This vacuum has a collapsible handle for easy storage, a 2-tank system for keeping clean and dirty water separate, and a removable nozzle. The EdgeSweep bristles scoop up pet hair and dust from your baseboards while also cleaning the carpet.

Bissell know the difficulty of having pets, and it’s evident that this carpet cleaner has been designed by pet owners, for pet owners.

Rug-Doctor Deep Carpet-Cleaner

The Rug-Doctor Deep Carpet-Cleaner is a powerful deep carpet cleaner that effortlessly washes dirt and stains. The dual cross action brushes surround every carpet fiber to ensure the stain is lifted no matter how deep. The polishing grooming brushes give your carpet that new and luxury feeling.

These deep carpet cleaner is extremely effective at removing pet stains. Not only will it get rid of surface stains, it gets right down into the carpet to break down stains and lift them from the bottom. Add to the mix the upholstery tool, which is ideal for removing pet hair from furniture or hard-to-reach places, and you’ve got yourself a seriously spotless home!

Bissell-SpotClean Pet-Pro Portable Carpet-Cleaner, 2458

Another from Bissell now and it’s the turn of the SpotClean Pet-Pro 2458, a portable carpet cleaner and in my running for the best carpet cleaner for pets there is.

The 5 flex hose will clean pet stains in those hard-to-reach places like stairs and rugs, while the Pet Pro also boasts a pet stain trapper tool to keep all liquid messes inside the tool, and out of the machine.

The superior suction is surprising for such a compact product and the advanced brushing action really gives this pet carpet cleaner the edge. With the 5-foot-long hose and 22-foot power cord, you can clean hard-to-reach areas without interruptions, and this model is exceptionally easy to maneuver around your home.

Shark Rotator Upright-Vacuum

Another of my favourites and something I’m sure you will love to, is the Shark Rotator Upright-Vacuum. This boasts anti-allergen technology, a lift-away canister for hard to clean areas and a lightweight feel. It has swivel steering which gives you excellent control around furniture, as well as the ability to switch between carpet and hard floor cleaning in just the click of a button.

What really makes this cleaner stand out however, is the included pet power brush. This easily removes pet hair and debris from any surface, including carpets, hard floors and upholstery. It’s perfect for cat hair which, as we know, can get everywhere! This vacuum will have your carpet looking brand new in no time.

iRobot Roomba-690 Robot-Vacuum

If you’re after something a little more advanced, go for the iRobot Roomba-690, an app-controlled vacuum which does absolutely everything for you!

The Roomba-690 boasts a 3-stage cleaning system with multi-surface brushes to ensure no area is ignored. It contains dirt detect sensors so it’ll work harder on those deeper pet stains, and it can also sweep up hair easily and efficiently no matter the surface.

Yes, having a robot vacuum cleaner is pretty cool. Clean and schedule your robot anytime and from anywhere via your smartphone - even setting it to clean while you’re at work, and enjoy real-time updates on cleaning jobs. The voice activated control is the icing on the cake.


If you’re bored of loose pet hair and daily stains greeting you each day, a carpet cleaner is what you need. I hope this article has given you some direction on what kind of cleaner you should go for, whether that’s a lightweight, upright vacuum, or one that simply does all the work for you!

Each of these products are produced by high-quality, reputable brands, and they are all both durable and effective. So, if you’re a disgruntled pet owner, it’s time to invest in one of these carpet cleaners. It won’t be long before your carpet is looking good as new.

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